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Q: Is Bingo Caller Pro compatible with Windows 8/10?

A: Technically no, Win8/10 has a slightly different structure to Win7 or earlier and has not been tested with this software. Some users are claiming they are using Win8/10 and everything appears ok, others are reporting strange problems. If you use this software on a Win8/10 system then you should set the program to compatibility mode which may help with any issues.  

Q: When I try to print a large number of game cards they start to produce a corrupted/repeat numbers sequences?

A: This is an issue with Windows print spooler and has been partially resolved in version 1.44 and above. Depending on how fast your computer is printing cards of less than 20 is usually ok.

Q: The program has installed OK but the graphics are not displayed correctly?

A: This may be due to the zoom setting in Windows. If the default(100%) has been changed then this will mess with the graphics. I have attached a link which will explain how to reset the zoom setting back to default.

Q: The key I received will not unpack the software to my computer?

A: This is usually due to a corrupt download or you are copying the key and have added a space to the text. Insure the copied text is not longer or less than 17 characters. If the key is still rejected then return to the download section and download the program again.

Q: I receive an error when I start the software for the first time?

 A: If you are running the software under Windows 7 or Vista then you may get an error screen which prevents     the program from running. This is due to security issues with these OS and not the software. If you see the error  close the error screen and right click on the program icon then select ‘Properties’ from the list, now select ‘Compatibility’  from the list of tabs at the top of the form, near the bottom of the form you should see a check box next to ‘Run  this program as administrator’ Click on the check box and close the form by clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’. You will now  be able to run the software by double clicking on the icon.

Q: Can I resize the ticket?

A: Yes, the size of the ticket can be increased/decreased in the print options section of the software provided with your printer. The exact location varies for each printer manufacturer but is usually in "Page Setup" and measured in percent. Some printers give an easier "Fit to page" option if you are trying to make the ticket fill the page. 

 Q: What happens if my computer crashes in mid game?

A: If the computer crashes or power goes down then all is not lost, reboot your computer, restart the program and all the previous calls will reappear.

Q: Will Bingo caller work on my 64 bit machines?

A: Yes, however the program is installed to the 32 bit system.

Q: Can I record my own voice to call the numbers?

A: Yes, the voice files are in Wav format (windows standard) and are stored as indervidual files in the Bingo Caller System forlder. Simply replace each file with your own.

Q: Are the printed tickets unique?

A: Yes, the tickets have been scanned for repeat lines and although there are a few lines which are repeated, none of them are on the same ticket. Just to clarify the issue, it's not possible to prevent more than one caller for any given game!

Q: Can I use tickets purchased from a store?

A: Yes, however these tickets would have to be manually checked as the reference numbers are not recognized by the software.

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